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asked: Do you have any advice for gifs? My gifs never look righ tand I've tried everything :(


weLL HAHA— I’M NOT VERY GOOD AT GIFS MYSELF, but i’ll try (they’re a huge pain aren’t they… they’re always either grainy or too large of a file size to save or there’s a frame discrepancy and just. gifs…….)

i guess the big things i do to make my gifs look better is i always use 1080 px quality footage aT LEAST… back in the early days i would settle for 720 but tbh i get so frustrated with the lesser quality that if i can’t find hd footage of it, i find something else to gif. you can check the quality of youtube videos in the black tool bar below the video.  i usually use youtube to find footage and clipconverter.cc to convert and download it! the great thing about clipconverter as opposed to keepvid is that you can pick how much of the video you want to download and you can do partial downloads!! definitely much easier on your drive space. a good tip is just typing in what you wanna gif and putting hd 1080p after it. that usually works for me! for example, if you’re giffing marluxia’s death, i would type marluxia death kingdom hearts hd 1080p, and field through those results!!! 

as far as the actual gif making goes, a big part of it is kinda just clicking and praying?? if a gif is too grainy, it usually means it’s either low quality, too heavily saturated, or a mixture of both, so sometimes i mess around with hue/saturation and selective colour if something is really grainy. 

another option is trying out a texture on top of the gif, but i don’t recommend doing this if you’re not used to working with textures. i see a lot of people make a gif with a texture that’s so heavy it really overpowers the gif, and sometimes it can make the gif even mORE grainy depending on the texture. setting the texture to darken or lighten or overlay (depending on the texture) is usually better than keeping it set to normal and adjusting the opacity. not always, but i would say usually. 

in my experience, some games are just??? kinda?? grainier than others. wind waker hd footage is extremely grainy every time i try to gif it and you can ask caden and rina, i gripe about it all the time. it’s really just a matter of playing around with things, and if one colouring doesn’t work, you can always try another! 

my biggest advice for making gifs is just to experiment and practice, practice, practice. i’ve been making gifs for about a year and a half now, and i’m still not fantastic at it. it takes a lot of time, and photoshop can be hard to use, so don’t get discouraged if your stuff isn’t satisfactory to you yet! everyone starts off as a beginner, y’know??? even that gif maker you can’t believe is reAL bc their stuff is so good, once upon a time, sucked really badly. like everything else, it takes work and practice.

ALSO ONE MORE TIP FOR GIF MAKING— I WOULD SUGGEST AVOIDING REALLY STRONG WATERMARKS!! A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE REALLY BRIGHT WHITE 100% OPACITY HUGE WATERMARKS AND IT DETRACTS FROM YOUR GIF BC ALL PEOPLE NOTICE IS THE WATERMARK, and it’s a shame because a lot of the gifs are really amazing!! don’t be afraid to lower the opacity of your watermark and make it small. as long as you can see it at all, you can prove it’s yours if someone steals it. really hugely bright watermarks are like that old saying “don’t put a bumper sticker on a ferrari.” i hate that saying so bad and it doesn’t apply to tattoos but it sure as hell applies to graphics. i highly highly suggest watermarking with caution. 

the same goes for cropping— i see weirdly stretched gifs sometimes and that’s a really easy thing to fix!! if anyone needs help cropping, just message me and i’ll make a tutorial for it. it’s super easy, and your gifs never have to be uncomfy or stretched! 

aND, in closing, keep in mind that if anyone criticizes your colouring, they aren’t worth your time. everyone colours differently. everyone has different preferences and likes. people who denounce a graphics maker’s skill bc they don’t like their colouring are so basic and trifling and just kinda gross tbh. please don’t be that asshole who colour polices. not everyone likes pastels. not everyone likes vibrant gifs. not everyone likes muted colourings??? not everyone likes black and white gifs, not everyone likes solid colour gradient gifs, but if yOU like them, that’s all that matters. make gifs so bright they hurt everyone’s eyes. make gifs so fucking pastel the colours are barely noticeable. do what you want and anyone who criticizes you is not worth your time. reblog what you like, don’t reblog things you don’t. good mantra to live by. 

in all honesty people who spend time criticizing other people’s graphics like they’re some calvinist photoshop elect are really dumb anyway but that’s for a whole ‘nother post tbh 

EDIT: i forgot that you can always surface blur your frames if you want to— if you do it too much though, as my graphics mentor once taught me, they start to look like a painting, so be careful w/ that!! and also, how much you sharpen can make stuff really grainy too. i rarely if ever smart sharpen more than 500% at .3 (or .03?? you’ll be able to tell which when you try to smart sharpen something LOL) so be careful with that too. aND HAPPY GIF MAKING! 

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